Long Lake Camp Adventures unique method of allowing campers to design their own schedules only works because we have the very best campers and staff plus an extra layer of help called Unit Leaders.

Unit Leaders

Our unit leaders (unique to Long Lake), are an extra layer of supervision and caring. They ensure parents are kept well informed and that your child is safe, eating well, happy, making friends and getting everything they want from camp. Unit leaders act as a camp concierge for both the camper and the parents; they’re the reason Long Lake campers always overcome any homesickness and that every day is fantastic.

Your child will call you once a week as will our unit leaders. You are able to call to chat to your child’s unit leader as well. We know an overnight camp can be hard for the parents and would never say you could not speak to your child. The more a camper talks to his parents the stronger any homesickness will get. We do ask that you try to hold out and speak to your child on their regular call night, but again we will never say you cannot talk to your child.

Unit Leaders meet each camper right away and then regularly to understand what interests brought them to camp, what activities they want to take a part in, and to find out if there is anything we can do for them to make them feel at home. Unit Leaders help campers schedule their time and understand how to get what they want from camp. We teach our campers to speak up and advocate for what they want and to let us know if there is anything wrong so we can instantly help, teach and guide them.

Call us at 914-693-7111 to find out how our Unit Leaders can help your family have the best summer ever. Also watch the video above to see for yourself our wonderful Unit Leaders in action.

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