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Summer Camp Adventure In New York’s Adirondack Park

Why Long Lake Camp Adventures?

If you’re looking to give your child the summer of a lifetime, then bring them to Long Lake Camp Adventures. We have a huge variety of awesome activities and adventures to go on. Whether your future camper is looking to hit the trails, make amazing creations, or make new discoveries, we have something for them. Make some memories this summer at Long Lake Camp Adventures!
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Adventure Camp

Choose the outdoor activities that are right for you. Campers can start the day on the high ropes course, challenging their strength and balance, then take an afternoon to explore the surrounding forests on horseback, ATV or mountain bike.

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Our ATV and automotive programs let campers show their stuff with high octane fun! Our campers get to fix up old hot rods and even our off-roading beast, The Mangler!

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Our American Muscle automotive camp program is the only one of its kind in the world! We teach campers to restore and beef up real classic American Hot Rods! From oil changes to complete engine swaps we do it all. We have a growing fleet of project cars ranging from the 1950’s up through the 90’s. Including a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner, a 1953 Chevy Pick-up, Two 1970’s Buick Skylarks, a Ford Ranchero, Turbocharged BMW 3 series and a 1991 Off-Roading monster Jeep Wrangler!

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Horseback Riding

We love our horses! Everyday you can head to our beautiful new barn and care for, feed and groom the ponies. We have eight horses all with their own personalities and strengths. On camp we have miles of our very own trails through lush Adirondack forest. Campers love to take a nice easy ride and explore the grounds!

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Our campers have the opportunity to try out sailing, canoeing, kayaking and more. The lake is the perfect place for everything from a nice swim to exciting wakeboarding. You can take some time and float around on our tubes, or really get into the high-octane adventures of water skiing, and jet skiing!

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Extreme Sports

There is nothing better than the feeling of confidence and accomplishment that comes with these sports; doing something you thought was impossible only a week ago is exhilarating. Whether you are a beginner or a true master of adrenaline, Long Lake Camp Adventures has the tools and expert instruction to quench your thirst for action and adventure.

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Cheerleading & Gymnastics

Join the team and work together to have a ton of fun! Our program is perfect for campers who love maintaining their skill, learning new things, and making amazing memories with other people who share their passions.

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At Long Lake Camp Adventures, we embark on at least one trip every week, usually ending at the local ice cream parlor. These excursions include everything from to the hiking various mountains in the area, including the highest peak in New York, to kayak and canoe fishing trips, as well as camping in the beautiful Adirondack State Park!

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Campers who come to our forge, “Isengard” have the best resources and equipment right at their fingertips! Complete with two separate forges, several anvils, chisels, grinders, and more hammers than you’ve ever seen!

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Rock Band

Are you ready to rock? Join in the fun with our rock band! We’re playing great tunes and learning how to harmonize together.

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We offer 3 and 6 week programs for campers with more information on our Dates and Rates page. Contact us today to learn more about our schedule and rates.

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When you enroll your child in Long Lake Camp Adventures, they’ll discover all the adventure and fun to be had in the great outdoors. Our staff can show them the ropes of archery, kayaking, and much more!

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The world is your oyster at Long Lake Camp Adventures. We have everything from blacksmithing to horseback riding, extreme sports, and much more! Check out our various activity pages to learn more!

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When your camper comes to Long Lake Camp Adventures, they’ll discover incredible skills, make long-lasting friends, and create memories to last a lifetime.

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Long Lake, ADK
Serene Beauty and Adventure of the Adirondacks

Location & Camp Map

The days at Long Lake are as unique as the kids who live them.

Choosing a summer sleepaway camp can be tricky. Choosing whether Long Lake Camp Adventures is the right summer sleepaway camper for your child isn’t. Take a look at our website and our videos and you’ll see that we have a combination of activities you won’t find anywhere else. If you and your child love what you see, you’ll know we’re a great choice!

Choose from 3 three-week sessions and 2 six-week sessions. Many years of camp experience and many happy families have proven these two options give families what they need and want in terms of giving their child an amazing summer sleepaway experience and still having some family time during the summer. Many new campers arrive the first day of each session, so no matter what session you choose, your camper will never be the only new child in their bunk. If it’s your camper’s first time away from home, don’t worry! We have everything they need to make great friends, have the most fun and become a bit more confident and independent. Friends are easy to make because our campers get a chance to bond with their bunk as well as campers outside their bunk who may choose to pursue the same activities. The most fun is possible every single day because we are lucky to be located in the heart of the gorgeous Adirondack Park which is majestic and awe-inspiring. Campers have an opportunity to become a bit more confident and independent because it’s up to them to choose their activities (we help and guide them) and to be responsible for helping take care of their bunk and themselves.

Campers are so busy having fun that the session flies by!

We attract the kind of kids who love the outdoors and are not afraid to get dirty. They want a non-competitive environment where the focus is really on having fun. Our kids love being outside all day, they appreciate being able to choose their activities, and they find it easy to make new friends because they are surrounded by campers who share their interests. They love to challenge themselves by trying new things like blacksmithing and fencing.

Boys and girls ages 8 to 16 years old join us from all over the world and we ensure they have the best experience possible. Our camp directors and counselors provide the highest levels of support and care to new and returning campers alike.

Unit leaders are a special group of counselors whose sole responsibility is to ensure that their group of campers is happy, staying busy and getting everything they want from camp. Unit leaders also speak to parents regularly and give them updates on their kids while at camp. Unit leaders arrange a day and time each week for campers to call home for a quick 5-minute touch-base so you can hear directly from them how much fun they are having.

Campers can literally choose from everything you see on our website! All the activities we offer are available for every camper to choose (everything we list in the Activities menu: Adventure Camp, Automotive Camp, Extreme Sports, Waterfront, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Cheerleading & Gymnastics, Horseback Riding Camp, Trips, Sports Camp, Explore Our Electives, Sustainability Camp, Evening Activities, Special Events, and Fitness). Every activity we have is available to every camper regardless of age and experience. If your child is most interested in Automotive, for example, they can be in the garage as much as they choose, but can still choose to try wakeboarding, blacksmithing or go ATV’ing as well. Campers can feel free to try anything and everything they want!

In one day, they could choose to go on a trail ride on one of our gentle horses, wakeboard at the waterfront right on Long Lake, and play capture the flag, then have a delicious lunch with their bunkmates, enjoy a relaxing rest hour, then choose to make a soap box car to race in a derby, go skateboarding, craft something from metal in one of our two forges in the Isengard lean-to, and wrap up the late afternoon with a mountain-bike ride through acres of groomed trails. After being fortified by dinner, they can relax for a bit before joining the whole camp in gazing at stars in unpolluted skies. This is all in one day and this is only one example of a one camper’s day. The possibilities and combinations are truly endless.

Campers choose their activities all day, every day. The whole camp meets twice a day (after breakfast and after lunch) and campers choose from 8-10 different options for each of the 7 activity periods. All they need to do is raise their hand or tell us that they want to choose an activity! It’s really that simply.

Campers are with their bunkmates for mornings, meals, evening activity and lights out, but during the activity periods, they choose their own schedule. Some of the choices include:

High Ropes Adventure Course – has customizable elements for endless fun 35 feet off the ground.

Paintball in the thick of the woods – we set up a special course to away from the heart of camp to maximize the fun.

Archery – our range is perfect for beginners and advanced archers. We start with traditional targets, then we up the ante by adding exploding zombie targets.

Wakeboarding, Sailing and Tubing on Long Lake – this is outrageous fun and we’re ready for those who want to try any watersports for the first time and for those who are ready to jump in.

Skateboarding – learn to SK8 or learn new tricks in our Skatepark with a state-of-the-art half-pipe (yes, you can learn how to catch air), fun box, several kickers, grind rails and much more.

Gardening & Raising Farm Animals – tend to our organic garden in the warm sunshine and feed the chickens, pygmy goats, horses, bunnies and pigs.

Unforgettable Trips Twice A Week – exciting off-camp trips to The Enchanted Forest water-slide park and Six Flags Great Escape amusement park, hiking and camping the highest peak in New York and even sea plane rides.

Unlimited Sports & Games – Every day your camper can choose to join fun group games like volleyball, football, badminton, basketball and soccer. They can also focus on improving skills by working directly with coaches. Campers enjoy sports at all levels (even beginner) thanks to our non-competitive philosophy and our staff (they’re ready for anything).

Classic American Muscle Cars – campers can choose to join the automotive fun as often as they wish; the 4-bay garage is open most of the day, every day. They can work on and restore our expanding fleet of project cars ranging from the 1950’s up through the 90’s Including a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner, a 1953 Chevy Pick-up, Two 1970’s Buick Skylarks, a Ford Ranchero, Turbocharged BMW 3 series and a 1991 Off-Roading monster Jeep Wrangler. From oil changes to complete engine swaps we do it all!

Arts & Crafts – Explore our new adventure art studio’s or for 2 out of the 7 activity periods a day, campers can choose to get creative in any of our 20 studios at our sister camp right next door (Long Lake Camp For The Arts).

Music – Campers can choose to be in the Adventures Rock Band and rehearse in our dedicated rehearsal space which has been dubbed the Fortress of Solitude and perform in front of their friends. Campers can also discover a new instrument.

One of the great advantages of Long Lake Camp Adventures is that campers can choose any activity they wish, try it, and if they like it, then can simply choose it again. If they don’t wish to choose it again, they don’t have to.

All activities are run by highly-trained staff from all around the world! They focus on helping campers improve on their passions while also giving them the time of their lives! Our staff is with your camper every step, jump, twist, and leap of the journey providing encouragement, instruction, and a one-of-a-kind experience as unique as your camper. Whether they’re perfecting something they learned in the morning or choosing from countless other activities Long Lake Camp Adventures has to offer, we make sure kids have enough time to explore, socialize, and grow. The possibilities are endless!

The fun begins as soon as campers arrive! Everyone is excited to make new friends, see old friends, and they cannot believe how gorgeous camp is in-person! Returners are always excited to see what’s new each year! The Adirondack Mountains can take your breath away. We help everyone get settled into their cabin and unpacked, then we all enjoy a huge dinner and ice cream social as we get to know each other. The next day, we do a quick orientation so that everyone knows where everything is and how to get everywhere on camp, then training courses and activities begin!

Our amazing location is truly incredible because we are far enough away from everything that we are surrounded by the high peaks of the Adirondack mountains, with the shore of Long Lake at our feet. Getting to and from camp, though, is easy because we offer a chartered bus service from New York. We also offer a return bus service to our winter office at the end of camp. We also pick campers up at Albany Airport (we have campers from all over the globe).

The new cabins we have built look out over the beautiful Long Lake and right off into the Adirondack High Peaks. These cabins have a modern and comfortable feel with their gorgeous pine walls and cedar bathrooms with slate floors. Safety is our top concern, so we keep the cabins well insulated to keep your camper cozy; not to mention the fact that our cabins are also made to New York’s highest safety standards including separate sprinkler systems for each room and hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We also have councilors who will live in the cabins on-site, to assure that your camper is safe and having a fun, wholesome time. When campers need a break, there’s no better place to relax then on the porches of the cabins overlooking the beautiful Long Lake and the mountains behind it. At night they can enjoy the luxury and company of being with their peers, camp directors and of course a camp fire for roasting marshmallows and S’more.

What Families Are Saying

My daughter had the time of her life! So many different activities she tried and she made so many wonderful friends! Highly, highly recommend Long Lake Adventure Camp! She loved the counselors, was safe, supervised, and can’t stop talking about everything she did! The tuition was worth EVERY Penny! Thank you for providing this wonderful experience for the kids!

Catherine C

The camp is wonderful! My daughter had such a great time we are sending her back again this year. We felt safe and secure with the settings, and felt that the counselors were wonderful. My daughter has made some lifetime friends and we look forward to sending our other children there in the future.

Michele B
What Kids Are Saying

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