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Welcome Long Lake Camp Adventures Families! We’d like to introduce you to CampInTouch & the Campanion app, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your camp experience! Accessing camp information is now easier than ever with the desktop-friendly CampInTouch & the Campanion app. Simply log in to view and manage your camper’s forms, schedules, and important updates from any computer or device. With CampInTouch & the Campanion app, parents can access vital information about their camper’s activities, schedules, and even receive real-time updates on their child’s well-being. From checking activity photos to communicating directly with camp staff, the CampMinder Companion app puts everything you need right at your fingertips, ensuring peace of mind while your child enjoys their summer adventure. This is also where you will find all travel information, medical forms, additional options, and all other camp forms your family will need this summer. You should have received a confirmation email with instructions on how to get started with CampInTouch & the Campanion app but if you have any issues, please reach out at (914) 693-7111 or email [email protected]

Campainion App (apple)

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Camp Apparel Store

Explore our new online apparel store and discover a wide range of camp gear to show off your Long Lake Camp spirit! From classic t-shirts to stylish hoodies and hats, our store offers something for everyone. With direct shipping to your doorstep and year-round availability, stocking up on camp gear has never been easier. Plus, many items come in different color options to suit your style. Visit the store today and start sporting your Long Lake Camp gear with pride!

GPS location: 83 Long Lake Camp Way, Long Lake, NY 12847
Please call us on 914-693-7111 with any questions, thank you.

The Quick Links are for your convenience – all information is included in the Complete Parent Guide and on the CampInTouch Site as well as the Campanion App. Thank you again for choosing Long Lake for your child this summer!

Complete Parent Guide
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Please read the Complete Parent Guide first for all the information you need.

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