Deepen Your Connection With Nature By Learning The Importance Of Sustainability

At Long Lake Camp Adventures we want to help our campers learn to love and respect nature. We believe in going green to provide a safe, ecologically-responsible camping experience, and we teach our campers our responsibilities and help them learn how we can impact the world around us. Our classes include environmental and earth ship projects, gardening, taking care of livestock, visiting the Nature Center, and studying Adirondack wildlife. Out here, surrounded by the beautiful, unspoiled mountains, campers will have a very real, very applicable lesson in the importance of sustainability.

We Lead By Example
From Organic Veggies to Solar Panels

The Heart of Long Lake Camp Adventure’s sustainability program the farm area. We have an abundance of animals that campers love to take care of and get to know. We have 4 adorable little bunnies named Ted Bunny, Mufasa, Chewbacca, and John Wayne Fluffy. 2 goats named Micky and Malory. 2 beautiful magnolia pigs named Petunia and Jerry. We also have 6 chickens, 7 horses, 1 pony, and you can’t forget about the wonderful wildlife of the Adirondacks that often pass by. Campers help feed, bathe, and all around take care of these animals all while learning something valuable.

Campers can also spend their days in our fantastic garden. Every summer we add a little something to it and over the years, the garden has grown from a small patch, to marvel of modern sustainability. We have a great irrigation system in place, a pond, beautiful artwork made by campers, an “earthship” made from 100% recycled materials and powered by solar panels, and of course an abundance plant-life and vegetation. Campers can grow whatever they like and then help harvest our crops which we use for pur camp barbecues and campfire cooking classes!

Our Commitment: We are 100% solar powered and grow more fruits and vegetables each year as we teach about farming. We feed our crops with our own organic compost and collected rainwater, and we even incorporate recycling into some of our art projects. Contact us to learn more about how our nature camp is striving to make a difference and teach the next generation about environmental alternatives.

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