Push Your Skills To New Heights With Our Engineering Courses

At Long Lake Camp Adventures we provide an immense amount of activity options for a creative mind. Long Lake Camp Adventures is a great place for kids with a “DIY mindset” to develop their skills and explore their creativity. At Long Lake Campers can learn the ancient craft of blacksmithing, learn to create beautiful wooden pieces, program computers, and even battle robots! With every swing of the hammer on the anvil, you work hot metal to craft tools and art. Maybe build yourself a desk for your room at home, or grab some friends and make the most epic soapbox car ever and get ready for the derby at the end of your session. We tackle both great starter and advanced projects to get your campers into making, creating, crafting, forging, building, coding, and more, along with the tutelage of qualified staff members to help your campers to develop their creator mindset and support them through their making process and the small class sizes allow instructors to give individual attention to each camper!

Create With Your Own Two Hands
State Of The Art Equipment and Staff

We have state-of-the-art equipment and expert instructors to help campers grow and develop their skill with the best recourses right at their fingertips! At the edge of camp we have 3 lean-too’s for different activities. The first one, “Isengard” is for our blacksmiths, where we have 2 forges complete with anvils, grinders, and more hammers than you’ve ever seen! People have been forging metal for over 3,500 years and now your camper can follow in their footsteps.

The second one located right next door is, of course, “Fangorn Forest” for those adventurers who like to work with wood. Build something small or big, simple or intricate; we have tools for everything you’d ever want to make…and if we don’t, we can make them! Chop, saw, whittle, carve, and enjoy the pride of creating something with your own hands.

Lastly, the third one is for our more technological-oriented campers (STEM in the woods!), the “R2-Lean2.” In here Campers can learn how to build, program and battle different robots! They also can help design, build, and code different machinery and computers. For example, last summer we built an arcade machine and a 3-D printer completely from scratch!

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