At Long Lake Camp Adventures It’s About The Journey And The Destination

At Long Lake Camp Adventures, we embark on at least one trip every week, usually ending at the local ice cream parlor. These excursions include everything from to the hiking various mountains in the area, including the highest peak in New York, to kayak and canoe fishing trips, as well as camping in the beautiful Adirondack State Park!

Adventures Throughout The Adirondacks
Oh the places you’ll go with Long Lake Camp Adventures

Our campers return with a great feeling of accomplishment after hiking to the top of some of New York’s highest mountains! Our trips are designed to challenge and educate campers by introducing them to new places and fun opportunities that they would likely never experience anywhere else! Contact us today to learn more about these special programs our sleepaway camp has to offer.

The Adirondacks are America’s largest Trail System. With 6 million acres, 3,000 lakes, and pristine rivers; it’s the perfect place for campers to learn survival skills, orienteering, astronomy, and so much more! The majestic high peaks of the Adirondacks are at the heart of our trip program, and at Long Lake Camp Adventures you will have to opportunity to explore and discover some of America’s largest trail system, some amazing mountain climbing, and countless lakes and rivers. Whether you are hiking a long trail to a secluded waterfall or building a camp for dinner and s’mores under the stars, these are the kinds of activities you’ll remember for years to come.

Out here, campers will learn survival skills like animal tracking, geology, orienteering, and astronomy. Our overnight campouts can include a variety of activities like canoeing, hiking, caving and will usually end with a traditional cookout and campfire. Before everyone goes to sleep, though, they’ll be able to use their new astronomy skills to really appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

This is the perfect way for campers to surround themselves with nature and start to develop their knowledge and respect for being in the wilderness.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and get a free DVD to see how fun and exciting these excursions really are.

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