Long Lake Camp Adventures Is A Truly Magical Place! The Summers Here All Filled With Smiles, Adventures, & Breathtakingly Beautiful Views! That Last Point However, Is True ALL Year Long! We Took A Trip Up To Camp Yesterday To Layout Plans For A New Building We Are Making For Our 10th Summer! We Will Be Making A 2 Story 4 Door Garage To House The Automotive Program As Well As A Few Other Activities! Seeing The Camp Covered In Snow Was Awe Inspiring! The Peacefulness Of The Sce nery Combined With All The Wonderful Memories & Warm Feelings Of Camp, Made For A Tranquillity Like You’ve Never Experienced! Take A Look At Some Of The Incredible Pictures From The Trip & Be On The Lookout For A Snowy Video Tour Tomorrow! Please Browse Our Website Or Call Us Anytime For More Information On Camp Or The Enrollment Process!

mountains graphic