Session 2 here at camp has kicked off nicely and as they say, “time flies when you are having fun”, we are already half way through the summer and what a start to the session we have had!

Our campers have been very busy bees the last week enjoying lots and lots of fun activities here at camp. Paintball, horseback riding, mountainbiking, american football, soccer, skateboarding, gardening, pizza making, car mechanics, archery, wakeboarding, tubing, high ropes…as you can hear the list goes on and on and our campers are currently busy trying to test all activities before the session ends.

But the fun doesn’t end within the borders of camp, we have also scheduled in a couple of trips off camp. Two hikes have been mastered and photos from these will be up soon, and we hear that the view from the top were something extraordinary and could have been taken straight out from a movie!

Our campers have also been of enjoying a whole day at 6 Flags Great Escape, and despite some dark and scary looking clouds in the sky we managed to escape any massive showers. Our campers (and a couple of brave enough councilors) laughed their way through a whole day of roller coaster rides and water slides. It was close one but it seems like the Comet ride won the ‘most fun ride’ closely followed by the water slides and the Extreme Supernova. We all ran around during the day trying to test everything out and get through as many thrilling rides as possible, (and of course take some compulsory photos with Scooby Doo every now and then) before it was time to head back home. All in all it was a fun day indeed and campers headed back to camp with smiles on their faces!

We all hope to be back soon!

mountains graphic