With our camp being right on a lake, we love our water activities. The water activities are the best, we can go tubing, wake boarding, even diving off of big rocks. The water offers unlimited fun. In our backyard we have the Adirondacks of New York. These hilly mountains, offer unlimited activities that are so fun. It might be hiking, it might be tree climbing, sometimes it’s the tight rope activity, occasionally it’s swinging off of the trees. There really is no end to fun, and our reviews will back it up. There’s something else about our campers we admire though, with all the fun water and mountain activities, they sometimes just want to play sports.

Our camper are athletes, they love it all, you name it, basketball, baseball, footballs frisbee football, soccer. Our campers are not usually local, most are from all over the world. With a world wide camp located here in the United States in upstate New York, these campers love to play almost every sport that’s big in this world. We just thought we would take a moment to display all of the sports that we play at our camp.

A Volleyball Camp – Sand Volleyball

Baseball Batting Cages
Tennis Around Camp
Shooting hoops and pick up games are always going, a great game to play to get exercise.

Table Tennis
Other Athletic Activities
In Conclusion
We just love sports, what else is there to say?

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