Our beloved old American muscle car, the roadrunner, is currently getting a little pre-camp restoration by the guys over at Retro Fabrication just before it heads back home once more to the mountains of New York!

The guys at Retro Fabrication, in Peekskill, NY, have offered to head up to camp this summer and give a masterclass in mechanics and restoration to our eager young gearheads! This is very exciting news and we cannot wait to begin our biggest automotive summer ever!

W e have the classic cars to work on, an entire, from-scratch, ford t-bucket hot rod to build, the Retro Fabrication masterclass, and lots of other little auto projects here and there!

This collection of photos are from inside Retro Fabrication’s workshop/garage of the roadrunner (in blue) and a few of the other awesome, incredible old vehicles these guys have the pleasure of bringing back to life! Thank you guys for the amazing work!



mountains graphic