Another Lost Video Has Been Found! Here Is Our Parkour Show From Session 3 This Past Summer! Campers Here At Long Lake Camp Adventures Spend Their Days Doing The Activities They Choose, Honing Thier Skills, Sharing Their Experiences With Friends, And Enjoying The Ability To Do What They Love! With Such Passonate Campers, It’s No Wonder Why They Want To Show Off The Skills They’ve Learned Here At Long Lake! At The End Of Every Session, A Few Different Activities Like Parkour, Skateboarding, Water Sports, Rock Bands, Automotive, And Cheerleading, All Like To Put On A Show Like This One To Display Some Of The Amazing Things They’ve Be Up To Camp! Both The Campers And The Parents Absolutely Love It! Come Spend Our 10th Summer With Us, Discover A New Passion And Show Off Your Skills At The End Of Camp For All Your Friends And Family! Please Browse Around Our Website Or Call Us Anytime For More Information On Camp Or The Enrollment Process!


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