Everybody knows that it’s not easy being green, but sustainability is an important part of what Adventure Camp is all about. We take tremendous pride in our garden area and all our love for all things nature. Long Lake Camp Adventures’ garden is a wonderful spectacle of fruits, veggies, and wildlife. Complete with an irrigation system, solar panels, a green house, an “earth-ship” made completely of recycled materials, and loads of decorations handmade by our campers. Whether you want to learn about gardening, want some fresh toppings for your campfire cooking/pizza dish, or just need a tranquil place to sit and read, you wont find anywhere better on camp than the garden! It is a key part of our sustainability program. Not to mention, teaching kids to care for wildlife and farm animals, as well as equipping solar panels to power different parts and programs at camp! Come spend a summer with us and help contribute to our amazing garden and sustainability program! Please call us anytime for more information on our sustainability program, camp in general, or the enrollment process.

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