Last summer we introduced a really unique and interesting new activity for camp in the form of blacksmithing! Campers came down to our brand new crafting hut to try their hand at beating heated metal with hammers! Our wonderful instructor helped the campers create all sorts of different small metal objects they could clean up at the end and take home with them at the end of camp.

This summer our master blacksmith is returning alongside a new blacksmith which will really ensure the kids have as much time and instruction as they need to complete their projects. We also hope to start a “SCRAP METAL SCULPTURE” workshop and have them placed around camp so that the campers get to work on projects they know will last a very long time and remain on the camp grounds. It’s a great feeling to work on something you know will be a lasting legacy for years and generations to come!

Be sure to stop by “The Smithy” this summer and beat some metal with a hammer!

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