Adventure Doesn’t Always Mean You Have To Be Running Around With Your Adrenaline Pumping, You Can Also Find Adventure In Learning A New Skill Like Archery! At Long Lake Camp Adventures, We Offer Over 50 Activities Each Day! Archery Has Always Been A Popular Way For Campers To Learn An Awesome Skill And Have Fun, Even Friendly Competitions With Friends, All In A Safe Environment, Supervised By Our Expert Staff From Around The Globe! During The First Week Of Camp We Have Classic Targets Set Up, With So Fun Animal And Dinosaur Targets Popping Up The Week After! For Our Final Week Of Camp Each Session, We Set Up Exploding Zombie Targets, The Moving Target For Our Sharpshooters, And Even Bring Down Some Horses From The Barn So Campers Can Try Mounted Archery! This Activity Is Always A Blast And We Hope To See You Scoring A Bullseye This Summer! Please Browse Around Our Website Or Call Us Anytime For More Information On Camp Or The Enrollment Process!

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