Here At Long Lake Camp Adventures, We Love Food! In Previous Years We’ve Offered Activities Like Pizza Making in Our Outdoor Brick oven, Make Your Own Beef Jerky Classes, But Our Favorite One For Sure Is our Campfire Cooking Activity! In This Activity, We Make Gourmet Food Over A Campfire As Well As Different Dishes Using Food And Veggies Straight From Our Adventure Garden! Just Take A Look At A Recipe For A Wonderful Salad We Made At Camp This Past Summer…

Adventure Garden  Salad:

Large Zucchini 
Grape Tomatoes 
Red Onion 
Organic Camp Grown Greens

Olive Oil 
Lemon Juice 
Balsamic Vinegar 

1. Grill Zucchini On Hot Grill With Salt, Pepper And Olive Oil 
2. Prepare Greens And Vegetables; Then Add Them To The Grilled Zucchini 
3. Make Dressing By Whisking Together All The Ingredients, Add Salt And Pepper For Taste 
4. Assemble All Ingredients In A Bowl And enjoy!

Doesn’t That Sound AMAZING!?!?! Be On The Lookout For More Adventure Recipes! Join Us This Summer And Help Us Make More Delicious Food! Feel Free To Call Us For More Information On Camp Or The Enrollment Process! Thank You All And Happy Holidays!

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