People oftentimes don’t believe us when we say that we have an incredibly fun camp. Instead of trying to persuade them with words we just thought we would with some photos. Enjoy and be sure to follow us on our Pinterest profile if you want to see more of our awesome photos!
*All photos were taken by a Long Lake Camp representative, feel free to share them!

50. Our campers wake board in their sleep

49. Our animals are so freaking cute

48. The super scenic views will make you never want to leave NY

47. Our love for air is true love that’s long lasting

46. Incredible birds is the new normal

45. Our birds heads aren’t falling off

44. Skateboarding is a pre-breakfast warm-up activity

43. Our lake is longer than your lake #14miles

42. If we ever have a bored moment, we fly in a sea plane

41. Our campers bond and get to know each other on paddle boards

40. Boating is one of our ways to get daily exercise

39. Sometimes we eat and sometimes we eat it

38. Our tubes can fit the whole family

37. We once had a serious moment just to play ping-pong

36. Peer pressure only happens On the slip n’ slide

35. We say NO to bullying and YES to new friendships

34. Our cabins are cleaner than the average American teen’s room

33. Our bonfires are occasionally seen from space

32. Our selfies are never alone

31. Our sunsets change teens so deeply that they might begin to appreciate their parents

30. Our way of punishment is taking the whole camp to a water park

29. School is conducted on a white water raft

28. For upper body work outs, our campers go canoeing

27. Alone time consists of a sail boat and an amazing lake

26. Tubing is Our natural remedy for bad days

25. We connect with nature through mountain biking

24. We once taught gymnastics on the water

23. We teach confidence by teaching teens how to climb higher

22. Our way of teaching discipline and focus is through rock climbing

21. If our campers aren’t traveling by boat, they’re traveling by horse

20. If campers need to shower, we just tell them to go ride an ATV – this naturally gets them to shower

19. Washing the car is our least popular activity at the camp

18.Our talent shows are actually filled With really talented campers

17. Even our food makes you want to smile

16. Our campers resolve conflict by fencing

15. We don’t backpack to school – we backpack the Adirondacks

14. We have an obsession with adrenaline and bunny ears

13. Adirondack chairs were literally invented in our neighborhood #literally

12. When we race it’s in the water on rafts

11. Our school bus is even creative

10. Smiling never gets old at our camp

9.Our ice cream parties put all other ice cream parties to shame

8.We don’t mind campers with mullets…Um…Sure

7.We absolutely love all sports

6. Number one best way to get a girl to like you at camp: drop dead

5. The number one ingredient in our Jello =brain matter

4.There’s no end to the variety of adventurous activities

3.We don’t read night time stories – we have our performance arts camp act them out

2. Who needs video games when you can experience it in real life

1. That moment camp is over and summer is ending

mountains graphic