Here at Long Lake Adventure Camp, we appreciate the variety of activities this world offers. We don’t want to limit our campers with activities. To prevent limiting our campers, we offer this deep wide range of activities and events at our camp so the camper can have the ultimate experience. An experience they will often times remember the rest of their life.

Although we do have this incredible lake in our front yard, not all of our activities are on the water. We understand that not all campers want to spend everyday on the lake. Our activities on and off the lake help develop skill, increase discipline, build relationships, are exciting, often times involve cardio exercise, build team work skills, and most importantly are very fun and fulfilling. The activities serve a great purpose and our the apart of the foundation that makes our camp great.

With a whole variety of activities we do have some pretty random ones that most camps don’t offer. These activities aren’t foreign and most campers usually have done these activities before outside of camp. Campers love this aspect of our camp, the random activities.

The Ten Random Activities

The more activities the more fun! The more campers having fun the happier the world is! Thank you for reading and be sure to sign up for summer!

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