Long Lake Camp Adventures Lives For Extreme Sports! We Have Spent Years Building Up And Perfecting Our Skatepark And Parkour Areas For Our Adrenaline Addicted Campers! We Employ The Very Best Expert Staff From All Over The Globe To Mentor Our Campers! Whether You Are An Experienced Skater Looking To Shred Up The Park And Show Off Your Skills, Or Your A Beginner Who’s Never Set Foot On A Skateboard, Long Lake Camp Adventures Has The Tools To Give Each Camper The Summer Skating Experience They Crave! We Have A Half-Pipe, 2 Quarter-Pipes, Several Kickers, A Wrap Around Quarter-Bowl, A Few Rails, Open Pavement, And A Sick Speed Pump Track! It Really Is A Paradise For Skaters! We Hope To See You This Year, Shredding Up The Skatepark And Having The Perfect Summer At Adventure Camp!


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