3. Archery. This sport has been popular for years, but it has increased in popularity since the release of the Hunger Games series, starring a strong-willed girl who is an amazing shot. Plenty of games can help test and hone your teen’s accuracy and speed. This range is truly incredible, featuring weekly theme changes, including zombies.

4. Water Skiing. Long Lake Camp, not surprisingly, features plenty of water activities on the lake. There are plenty lot of water games and sports for everyone. There are chances to try water skiing and jet skiing along with plenty of other options out on the water. This is especially a popular option for kids who don’t have access to these kinds of sports and recreational activities at home.

5. Sports. Almost every sport is offered at Long Lake Camp, including skate boarding. This gives your teen the chance to develop their talents as well as an opportunity to learn more about other sports. Just trying something out with a lot of new people is a great way to try something that’s normally outside their comfort zone.

7. Learn a New Hobby . This camp is a great environment for teens to start taking electives that are not only fun but come in handy in the real world. These kids can pick up just about any new instrument, learn how to cook and bake, and even take automotive classes for American muscle cars. There are so many options that every camper can come home with at least one new skill or hobby.

8. Survival Skills Courses. Some teens find that learning basic survival skills is not only fun, but very useful. We cover a range of skills, but your child will walk away feeling a lot more secure in their abilities and ready to deal with many different emergency situation.

9. Arts and Crafts. Not everyone wants high-adventure thrills all the time. The teens who are more crafty and enjoy creating things have the option to participate in a more calm and art-centered activity. Elective credits allow students to indulge this side of their character or to express themselves through new, creative mediums.

10. Special Events . Every now and then, it’s fun to change up the routine and do something fun and unique. This can help liven up the entire camping experience and help build a strong sense of unity. Some of the most popular examples are teams building activities, sailing their own rafts, or even participating in a modified version of a polar bear swim.

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