There Has Always Been SO MUCH To Do At Long Lake Camp Adventures And What Makes Us So Special Is The Constant Additions And New Activities We Add To Our Program! Whether You Are A Camper, A Staff Member, A Parent, Or Anyone We Talk To, If You Have A Good Idea For Camp, We Are Going To Try And Make It Happen As Fast As Possible! Take Our Salsa Classes For Example. A Wonderful Staff Member We Had Last Year Told Us That She Teaches Salsa, So We Told The Campers And Got A Class Going That Day And BOOM! Suddenly, It Was One Of Our Most Popular Activities Last Summer! What Are Some Of The Things You Want To See At Adventure Camp That You’re Not Sure If We Currently Offer? Tell Us What You Love To Do, Come To Camp, And Do Exactly That! The Days At Long Lake Are As Unique As The Campers Who Live Them! Please Browse Around Our Website Or Call Us Anytime For More Information On Camp Or The Enrollment Process!

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