Being a parent is absolutely crazy. Some days, your kids just make you appreciate every sacrifice you ever made for them. At times, it can be rather discouraging. Every child, kid, and teen is different. Every stage of their young life is different as well. At times parenting can seem simple and easy, and at other times it can seem like a train just hit you. To protect from hard parenting moments, parents should really teach and push their kids to have more life skills. Life skills will build success into people regardless of what age they are.

Naturally, most people are strong in at least one life skill. We can all improve our life skills, no matter what stage of life we are at. These skills will help us in our social relationships, they will help us with our careers, and even with our overall happiness. Life skills really make a difference when people have them, they make the world a better place and they play a dramatic role in parenting.

The best way children can learn life skills is from their parents. Parents lay the foundation with their everyday example and teachings. The best place for kids and teens to practice life skills is around their peers, while the best way to learn life skills is from their parents. Around their peers they will naturally have more challenges, feel more pressure, and overcome social difficulties that will help them progress.

Where Parents Should Focus

Cooperation and Team Work

Time Management
This skill is often learned in College, and sometimes even later then that. Time management helps with all aspects of success, whether if it’s with sports, or with any ambitious career. Parents should figure out ways to help their children manage their time more effectively and efficiently. Encouraging your child to be more organized and to plan will help. School helps with time management, giving them tasks, and helping them accomplish goals works as well. At camp, the campers only have so much time in the day to enjoy all the fun adventurous activities.


Believing in your capabilities and who you are as a person really helps children and teens be happy. Every teen, and child has a talent which they can build confidence off of. Every child and teen also has a weakness, by overcoming those weaknesses they will develop incredible emotional strength which will carry their confidence to new levels. Camp helps teens identify what they love, what they’re passionate about. Especially here at Long Lake Camp Adventures. Camps also help teens and kids overcome their struggles. This is what makes our camp absolutely awesome.

Enjoying Life

Emotional Management
Managing emotions can be very difficult when you’re young since you run primarily off of emotion most of the time. Learning how to control your emotions can be a very powerful life tool that can help teens and kids eventually be successful in their relationships. At camp, being around peers actually helps teens control their emotions. Patience is a big emotional builder, and even understanding other peers helps teens be stronger with emotional control.

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