Campers Who Join Us Year After Year Have A Special Connection To Camp And It Is Always Incredibly Said To See Them Go When The Inevitably Age Out…When This Happens We Ask Those Campers To Try And Write A Few Words About Long Lake. We Wanted To Share The Words Of One Particular Camper Who Had Her Last Summer With Us In 2019…

“This isn’t goodbye, just a see you soon…Long Lake is one of the best things that’s happened to me, and I’m beyond grateful for having the opportunity to experience all it has to offer! I’ve spent 4 consecutive summers, totaling 7 sessions and there is no other place I could’ve seen myself instead! People always ask me, “what’s so special about this place?” or why I return year after year, but honestly, there’s not one single answer to give; This camp has a special place in my heart. Long Lake help grow as a person and I want to thank Lee and all the amazing staff that helped me through tough times and discover who I really am. I’d also like to than Eimear, for being such an amazing counselor for 2 of my summers, being a great friend, and an even better role model; someone I can trust and seek advice from. Also, to Georgia, who was my unit leader, thank you for all the opportunities you gave me. Lastly, thank you to Milli, for caring so much about me, making sure I’m always okay, and spending time with me. BIG shout out to Ava (Momo) for being my best friend at camp and my R.O.D. All these years, you’re a forever friend! I have so much love for this place! It’s what I look forward to, counting down the days until camp starts, all year. It’s gonna be extremely difficult to leave…but I know all the memories I made here will be in my heart, and last forever! Long Lake, thanks for being the amazing place that you are, making me a better person, getting me out of my comfort zone, and trying new things I’ve since fell in love with. I’ll see you soon Long Lake!”

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