Long Lake Camp Adventures Has Something For Everyone! We Offer A Plethora Of Both Traditional Activities As Well As Some Unique Ones You Won’t Find On Any Other Camp! One Of Our Most Popular Among Those Is Blacksmithing! Campers Can Spend Their Days Learning This Ancient Craft In A Fun, Safe Environment, Under The Supervision Of Our Expert Blacksmiths! Campers Who Come To Our Forge, “Isengard” Have The Best Resources And Equipment Right At Their Fingertips! Complete With Two Separate Forges, Several Anvils, Chisels, Grinders, And More Hammers Than You’ve Ever Seen! Campers Have Everything They Need To Get Started Creating And Crafting Amazing Works Of Metal! All That, And This Is JUST ONE Of The Amazing Activities Long Lake Camp Adventures Has Available Daily For All Our Campers! We Hope To See You This Year For Our 10th Summer, Forging An Adventure Of Your Own! Please Browse Around Our Website Or Call Us Anytime For More Information On Camp Or The Enrollment Process!

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