Long Lake Camp Adventures Is A Place Where Memories And Friendships Last A Lifetime. There Is So Much To Do And So Many People To Meet. Some Of The Best Friends You’ll Ever Make At Camp Are With Our Amazing Animals. We Have Pigs That Are So Happy To See You, They Will Run Along-Side As You Walk By. Bunnies So Soft You’ll Never Want To Stop Snuggling. Horses With So Much Personality, You’ll Spend All Day Talking To Them. We Have Goats, Chickens, And Ducks That Will Just Quack You Up! The Housing Our Animals Live In Was Build By Our Campers And Staff, And We Are Constantly Upgrading Their Playpen. The Only Thing That’s Better Than Being An Animal At Adventure Camp…Is Being A Camper! You’ll Get To Spend All Day With These Beauties Plus So Much More. There Is Something For Every Boy, Girl, And Animal Here At Long Lake Camp Adventures. Sign Up For The 2021 Season Today To Take Advantage of Our MEMORIAL DAY SPECAIL PRICING! Please Check Out Our Website And Feel Free To Call Or Email Us Anytime With Questions About Camp Or The Enrollment Process.


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